Get to Know the Crafty+ Vaporizer

With the growing popularity of vaporizing, quality portable units that can deliver a satisfying experience are in high demand. The Crafty+ from renowned manufacturer Storz & Bickel aims to meet that need for on-the-go users who want to maintain performance. This pocket-sized unit packs impressive technology into a stealthy profile promising smooth hits and temperature flexibility.

Crafty+ Vaporizer

Vapor Production

The Crafty+ utilizes a hybrid heating system to produce its smooth, flavorful vapor. It combines conduction heating in the chamber with convection heating through the cooling unit. Air is drawn in through the bottom of the device and heated as it passes through the herb chamber. It then gets further heated as it's drawn through the cooling unit before inhaling. The improved cooling unit is engineered for optimal airflow and heat distribution. This provides thorough and even extraction from the material. The powerful heater and precise temperature control ensure the herbs are heated to the exact temperature for clean vaporization. This allows Crafty+ to fully extract the aromatic compounds and flavors of the material without combustion or charring. The hybrid heating system combines conduction efficiency with the smooth hits of convection. When tuned correctly, the user gets the best aspects of both methods - thorough extraction and smooth, cool vapor while retaining the full flavor and effects.

Temperature Customization 

One of the most valuable features of the Crafty+ is the wide temperature range of 104-446°F that can be precisely controlled through the mobile app. This allows complete customization of the vaping experience based on personal preference and the specific material being vaped. Lower temperature settings around 340°F will produce light, wispy vapor that highlights the aromatic terpenes and flavors of the strain. Medium temps in the 380°F range extract more active compounds with smooth, moderate vapor density. For maximum extraction, the upper-end temperatures over 410°F will deliver very dense, potent vapor. The ability to fine-tune temperature unlocks the full potential of the materials and allows the user to achieve their desired effect, whether light and flavorful or thick and potent. Beyond personal preference, this temperature flexibility also allows tailoring the vape session to specific botanical components. Lower temps can isolate terpenes, while higher temps extract CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. The Crafty+ provides complete temp control to achieve the ideal vapor profile regardless of material, taste, or desired effect.

Vapor Quality

Crafty+ produces exceptional vapor quality that preserves the nuanced properties of dry herbs. The smooth, cool vapor maintains each strain's intricate aromas and flavors. This allows the user to appreciate the subtle notes as they inhale. The temp precision also ensures effects are not dulled by overheating. Active compounds like THC and CBD vaporize at lower temps than the point of combustion. Keeping temps in the ideal range avoids degradation while still achieving total extraction. The improved cooling unit is engineered to cool vapor to comfortable levels before inhalation, preventing hot, harsh hits. This provides a smoothness on par with higher-end desktop units. In addition to pleasant flavor and smoothness, the vapor density is consistent thanks to thorough heating. Light, medium, or dense vapor can be produced on demand. Overall, the purity, smoothness, and intricacy of flavor combined with potent, well-regulated effects make Crafty+ a leader in dry herb vapor quality.

Premium Build 

Crafty+ continues Storz & Bickel's reputation for producing carefully engineered, high-quality vaporizers. The housing is constructed from durable, lightweight plastic that can withstand frequent use and transportation. The shell feels solid and sturdy in the hand. Within the housing, the heating chamber and pathway are made from quality conducted alloys and stainless steel. These conduct and transfer heat efficiently for proper vaporization. The improved cooling unit and mouthpiece are also built for longevity, preventing cracks and breaks. The Craigty+ utilizes premium food-safe materials resistant to degradation from extended use. No plastic or metal vapors will contaminate the smoke. The replaceable components, like seals and screens, ensure years of service with proper maintenance. From the exterior shell to internal airflow pathways, the Crafty+ is crafted with careful attention to material selection and precise manufacturing standards. This results in a vaporizer that delivers consistent performance over time rather than a short-lived gadget.

Battery & Charging

The Crafty+ is powered by an internal rechargeable battery with a capacity of 950 mAh. This provides approximately 60 minutes of active vaping time on a full charge. Given the portable, pocket-sized design, battery size is understandably limited compared to larger home units. However, the battery can be recharged relatively quickly thanks to USB-C charging. The fast charger can replenish the battery from dead to full in around 1.5 hours. This makes it easy to top it off between sessions while out and about. The device is also usable while plugged in, so you can continue vaping seamlessly while recharging the battery. Intelligent circuitry protects the battery from damage and monitors its lifespan, maximizing the number of charge cycles before degradation. So while the battery capacity necessitates more frequent charging than a home unit, the rapid charging time makes this a negligible inconvenience given the exceptional vapor quality and performance when powered on.


Weighing just 4.2 ounces, the Crafty+ achieves an ideal balance of being lightweight and pocketable while retaining a functionally sized chassis for ergonomic use. The rounded edges and textured finish make it comfortable to grip in hand, allowing discrete vaping on the go. The overall shape and size will enable it to easily slip into a pocket or bag without adding bulk or weight. The battery and heating system provide about 60 minutes of continuous runtime for multiple sessions away from a power source. The device also remains odor-free when powered off in transit. The improved cooling unit and vapor path prevent leakage into the internals, keeping maintenance hassle-free when transporting. Overall, the Crafty+ hits the sweet spot for taking decisive and flavorful vaping anywhere with its pragmatic size, handy finish, helpful battery life, and rugged, smell-proof construction. It's built for premium performance without sacrificing true grab-and-go portability and discretion.

Ease of Use

The Crafty+ offers an alternative to disposable vapes, which dominate the current vaping market trends. The Crafty+ is designed for intuitive operation whether you're tech-savvy or not. The device features simple, tactile buttons to turn it on/off and initiate heating. Vibrating prompts and LED lights indicate when it's ready to use and when the chamber needs reloading. The plastic mouthpiece cools the vapor nicely and swivels for comfort. The herb chamber conveniently fits 0.25g and closes securely via a magnetic cover for mess-free loading. The cooling unit can also be swapped with pre-packed capsules for rapid, fuss-free swapping. For more advanced controls like temperature customization, Bluetooth connectivity allows changes through the mobile app rather than complex on-device menus. The app also tracks usage statistics. Maintenance involves occasional cleaning with included tools and replacing standard wear parts like screens and seals. Overall, the Crafty+ simplifies operations down to just packing, inhaling, and enjoying. The replaceable components and app connectivity enhance ease of use while enabling customization for a personalized experience.

Discreet Public Use

The Crafty+ is engineered for stealthy vaping on the go. Its low-key design looks like a standard portable electronic device to passersby rather than a cannabis device. The plastic body doesn't advertise its function. It fits comfortably in a pocket or bag without revealing its contents through bulk or conspicuous aroma. Moderate vapor production doesn't draw unwanted attention with massive clouds. The adjustable temperature settings allow limiting vapor density for ultra-discreet quick sessions. With the device inactive, the improved cooling unit and vapor path prevent noticeable smells from leaking out. The optional odor capsules provide additional scent masking when venting excess heat or vapor. Used respectfully, the Crafty+ allows its owner to vape dry herbs discreetly in most public settings without disturbing others. Its thoughtful design makes the powerful effects and flavor possible to enjoy privately just about anywhere vaporization is permitted.

Satisfying Vaping Experience 

  • Developed by Storz & Bickel, like Mighty+, for stable and satisfying portable vaping.
  • The hybrid heating system extracts smooth, flavorful vapor with precise temp control.
  • Temperature adjustable from 104-446°F to customize vapor density and effects.
  • The durable plastic housing is lightweight yet feels sturdy.
  • The improved cooling unit creates a cool vapor that retains the aroma.
  • Straightforward operation, swappable capsules, helpful app.
  • Allows simple use or advanced customization.
  • Delivers excellent vapor quality and convenience to enhance sessions.
  • Optimized for performance, quality, and enjoyment for all users.
  • Storz & Bickel's reputation/expertise results in satisfying vape.
  • Built for vapor quality and experience to vape anywhere, anytime.
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